Welcome to Autolamps

In the 35 years since we started Autolamps, technology has changed our market almost beyond recognition.

Fortunately, our manufacturing history, has allowed us to retain the ability to be at the forefront of lighting development, allowing us to provide these advances while still maintaining the best combination of quality and price.

The standards we apply have attracted some of the largest Brands in the industry and this care applies and will apply to all products we provide, both currently and in future.

We recognise that our future is based on your reputation, and we are confident that the products shown in this catalogue, reflect and convey our intent to protect this.


Autolamps ltd is an ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited company. We also have our own E1 approval (regarded as the No.1 quality approval in the automotive lighting industry). Our test facility being regulated by the German KBA.