Autolamps stock a large range of accessories. They are especially suited for garages and breakdown rescue vehicles. Please note that we might be adding considerably to this range in the near future.

Hose Clips

 Autolamps now carry a full range of hose clips in Stainless Steel and zinc electroplated mild steel to DIN and BS specifications. Our clips are suitable for all industries including automotive and marine applications.

Worm Drive

 Worm Drive Hose clamps are quick and easy to use with either a flat or cross-head screwdriver and are manufactured from top quality steel ensuring years of continuous service.

 Available in British Standard sizes from Size 000 (9.5mm-12mm inside diameter) to Size 3 (55mm-70mm inside diameter) and DIN Standard sizes – 9mm wide band from 8mm-12mm inside diameter to 120mm-140mm inside diameter and 12mm wide band from 16mm-27mm inside diameter to 200mm-220mm inside diameter.

Clip Racks

 We have four types of rack available:

  • Hose Clip Rack (Mild Steel)
  • Hose Clip Rack (Stainless Steel)
  • Mini Clamp Rack (Mild Steel)
  • Mini Clamp Rack (Stainless Steel)

 Our racks come flat packed for easy storage. The box contains the clips/clamps, header card and rack.

These racks are a fantastic way to show off your selection of clips and clamps. They are especially good for shops and other retail outlets.


 Handipak is a plastic container to house your selection of hose clips and clamps and keep them clean. It is an ideal storage solution and is particularly suited to mobile mechanics and recovery vehicles as it can be sealed and has it’s own carrying handle.

T-Bolt Clamps

 These are a heavy duty clamp; they have a small set screw which pulls the two halves of the clamp together.

They are available in sizes 23mm- 25mm inside diameter up to 188mm – 200mm inside diameter.

Mini Clamps

 A very small clamp ideal for small hoses. These are available in sizes from 7mm-9mm inside diameter to 23mm-25mm inside diameter.

P Clamps

 Use for holding small bore pipes to bodywork. Available in several sizes.


 A special nut driver is available for use with our clamps.

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As well as our comprehensive Hose Clip Range we also offer:


We keep a full range of orange beacons, rotating and strobe type and replacement lenses and bulbs to suit. Both permanent fixing and magnetic beacons are available.

Work Lamps

Round, square and oblong work lamps for mounting inside or on the rear of recovery vehicles to aid recovery during times of poor visibility.

Hand Lamps

Clip-on and hand-held work lamps, either 240 volt mains or 12v car battery powered and replacement bulbs and weather seals. We also now supply the latest LED hand lamps which provide a very bright and consistent light but use much les power than a conventional light.

Number Plate Fixings

Fixings available as black, blue, white and yellow plastic number plate bolts with black nuts or steel self-tapping screws with plastic caps. We also supply self-adhesive foam pads if you prefer not to drill holes in your vehicle’s bodywork. All items are supplied in bulk packs.

Lamp Units

Side marker lights and reversing lights utilising conventional bulbs or LEDs.


Round, Square and triangular reflectors, both screw-on units and free standing warning triangles.

Reversing Alarms

Work off the reversing lights of your vehicle and gives an audible warning to pedestrians that you are reversing. A must for recovery vehicles where rear visibility is limited.

Exhaust Clamps

A full range of galvanised U-Clamps from 29mm up to 58mm inside diameter, suitable for most car applications.

Cable Ties

Black plastic cable ties in bulk packs from 100mm (4 inch) up to 370mm (15 inch) in length and suitale for a variety of uses.

Battery Isolator

Battery isolator switch with key to isolate the battery on cars and baots or anywhere else where you may need to kill power from outside the vehicle.

Terminals & Connectors

A range of electrical accessories including bullet conectors, spade connectors, ring connectors and scotch locks for fast and easy electrical connections.

Fuses & Fuse Holders

Blade fuses, glass fuses, torpedo fuses, Maxi fuses, mini fuses and fusible links which a wide variety of automotive applications and domestic 240 volt fuses. We also keep a range of fuse holders.

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