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About Us

Quality Assurance


  With manufacturing facilities and consequential testing requirements we have been able to endorse our lighting products with E1 Approvals and our products and facilities are regularly audited by the KBA (see below for more details)

The control on the quality of products made by or for us has enabled us to provide to the highest levels in the market and our lighting products are used by many of the leading Aftermarket Brands.

 Due to a strict policy of supplying to the Wholesale market sector, where there is a duality of demand, with OE quality and price competition being difficult to bridge, we have developed for our lighting abbreviated product ranges to cover popular part numbers through our Eurolec Bulb and Mehr filter ranges. Both of these products are still made to very high quality standards and subject to a continuous test programme.

We hope this brief introduction to our Company is of interest and for both our valued established Customers and for those who may wish to use us in future, please be assured that we will always do our very best to earn your support.

Quality Audit


 All Autolamps products are subject to the Quality Audit conditions set our in our ISO 9002 approvals


Quality Standard

 All Autolamps bulbs conform to the requirements of ECE Regulation 37. The majority of our products are produced to E1 approval standards.

Quality Control

 Through our associate manufacturing company ‘Gerlux Ltd’ all Autolamps bulbs are subject to a test programme which is a condition of the company’s ‘E1’ status.

 The term ‘E’ approved is the European requirement for lights on vehicles to conform to performance standards. This number shows the Approval country (E1 Germany) and the manufacturer is then marked on the product.

Germany monitors very carefully, the use of their approval (E1). This is done through the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) Federal Motor Transport Authority, who both authorise and audit the products and test facilities of those permitted to use E1.

 The Autolamps brand is a KBA approved E1 bulb.